We have some pretty great philosophies and we are open to sharing them!  Nate takes the boring out of finances and gives you a fresh approach on how to apply practical money management to creating the future that you aspire to achieve.  Jack takes a more factual tactic on how to employ best practices. Both are equally informative and interesting; take the time to find out the most effective applications, and proactive behaviors that can help you find your best path!







Nathanomics is a fresh look at the world
of personal finance, with engaging commentary
by Nate Oeming who uses highly illustrative
parables, what not-to-do stories, and real
scenarios to explain why your gut and your
head almost never agree when it comes
to what’s best for your money.

Jack's Two Cents


jacks 2


Ever wondered why some investors succeed
while others fail? Or why some people
believe they can beat the market every time?
Behavioral Finance expert, Jack Oeming,
has a lot to say about what’s rational
and what’s normal.  Check back often as Jack
offers his Two Cents on the subject of money.